Monday, May 12, 2014

Good Morning Monday + Link Love for Mothers

Good Morning Monday & Hello New Week!

So Moms, how was Mother’s Day for you?

Did you do something for yourself? Did you treat yourself to something – tangible or intangible? Like, maybe a new book or a dress, time at the spa or time alone, a movie with the family or a special meal?

I spent the day at home, with my mother and my baby, my father and my husband. Reading. Writing. Learning. Just being. On the slow.

And there was cake for us mothers. My husband S baked a rich chocolate brownie for me, on my son’s behalf, and my mother and I cut this confection.

And just as the day wound down, I headed over to a Sale at artist Alisa Burke’s online school and treated myself to a few art & creativity classes at a discounted price. Storing up these beautiful courses for the time when my son’s napping, curled up against me.

Links you may love (these are for you moms, but also for anyone who seeks wisdom in the ordinary):

Katrina Kenison writes beautifully about this journey called motherhood (she has two sons – all grown-up now). Gently, she talks about the beauty in the ordinary, the magic in slowing-down, our work as moms and how to savor these days that seem long, but whiz by in a blink.

Reading Hands-free Mama is like walking on the thin line between meditation for mothers and a conversation without judgment. It’s like talking to a friend who lights the path with her simple everyday wisdom, who gently steers you away from the business of today’s life and leads you to seek the gold in your routines, within your time with your children and family.

And, just as I was writing this, I was filled with warmth as I started reading Abundant Mama. Inspired by its richness,by everyday mindfulness, I’m still craving for time at this online porch for mothers. I’d love to tell you more about what’s in this treasure trove for mommies, but hey, why don’t you hop over and meet Shawn at her blog?

How are you planning to celebrate the everyday, slow down and seek the beauty in the ordinary?

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