Monday, May 19, 2014

Good Morning Monday + Link Love for Wannabe Photographers

Good Morning Monday & Hello New Week!

How was your weekend? Did you slow down and treat yourself to a siesta? Did you dig into a good book and spend time with your family?

I slowed the pace of my life for the weekend, soaked in the feeling of doing less, read and played, and rested. (Of course, since I very much belong in this age of busyness, it took me all my will power to shut that voice in my head that urged me to pack my day with writing, work and activities.)

I also decided to take the plunge! Finally. After years of yearning and trying, reading and loving the images of those who can create art in the everyday with their camera. So, next month, I begin my voyage into the land of photography, taking one baby step at a time into the land of Mom-Photographers.

I’ve been good with composition, but timid with the tech part of photography. So, I’m hoping, that Beryl Ayn Young will be able to teach me all that stuff that photography books and articles haven’t been able to.

If you’re anything like me and enjoy looking at everyday magic, here are some links to roll over to, whenever you need a perk-me-up:

Have you ever tried photographing your meals? I have, and haven’t much liked how the images end up looking. So, I’ve been looking into some know-how on taking gorgeous food pictures. Here’s a food photography tutorial that I’ve been enjoying.

I’m a fan of Lakshmi Arvind’s shots. She takes pictures of everyday life and things around the house, and breathes magic into them. Take a look.

What kind of voyage are your setting of on this week?

photo credit: Sandeep Banerjee

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