Monday, October 20, 2014

Rescuing Ourselves With This...

With winter striding in stealth mode, towing along a bag-full of germs and viruses, it’s time to rev up our immunity and get ready to battle the cold. This past week, we’ve had someone or the other sick at home, down with a scratchy throat, a running nose, a fever or body ache (I have a scratchy throat right this moment). And even though 13+ months of breastfeeding my son did arm him with good germ-fighting abilities, the viruses swirling around in the air are beginning to take a toll on him.

The winter’s only going to get colder, more severe, more sun-less. And the air is only going to get thicker with germs and viruses. So, to prepare for the five months of long, chilly, flu-full winters, I’m dipping into my box of essential oils to prevent illnesses.

Why essential oils?
Derived through steam distillation from the bark, stem, flowers or leaves of the plant, essential oils contain the true essence of the plant. Highly concentrated, each drop of essential oil is packed with health benefits.
I’ve been taking baby steps into the world of aromatherapy, reading, and collecting essential oils and carrier oils, so I can use the potent powers of these to keep my family and me healthy.

Fighting colds and flu with essential oils:
1. I’ve started diffusing essential oils in a steam humidifier to prevent/fight colds. The essential oils that I have right now in my kitty, which are good for fighting colds are tea tree, lemon and peppermint. I want to add eucalyptus, ginger and clove to my ‘cold combating’ armory too.

2. I add a drop of lavender essential oil to the humidifier or pour it on my son’s pillow, to help him relax.

3. I’m also planning to make a homemade chest rub by mixing 10 drops each of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils to pure coconut oil.

The 3 flu-fighting oils:
As I build my aromatherapy kit, I’m adding these three essential oils for the long winter months.

Lemon: Citrus and light, this essential oil is known to ward of infections during the flu season. It’s also restorative and recommended for throat infections.

Tea tree: A clean and camphoraceous oil, it works well against viruses and bacteria. It rids the air of viruses and is also known to be an expectorant.

Eucalyptus: I’m about to add this one to my kit. It’s good for helping out with respiratory problem and headaches, opens up sinuses and strengthens the immune system.

Take good care of yourselves. Hello Monday + Happy New Week!

What kind of holistic therapies do you practice to fight coughs and colds during the winter months?

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text + photos by chandana banerjee

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  1. I use lavender EO in a diffuser at night to help me sleep. I also mix many of my oils with coconut oil to make different therapeutic rubs, as you mentioned above. I keep a supply on hand and use them daily.

  2. Thanks for sharing Joan. Yes, EOs are great, aren't they?


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