Monday, October 13, 2014

What I’ve been upto the past few weeks...

Hello! I’ve been away for a short while…

Days full of childcare and picture books, picnic lunches and watching the rain. Hours chockfull of thinking and planning, reading and deciding. Sometimes, a lot of this is best done away from the internet (not always because I’ve chosen to be away from the Internet but because our internet connection in the boondocks where we live, has been erratic these past few weeks), in a little ‘downtime’ to slow down and live fully.

Decisions and what you want from your days often change on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis, your guideposts being what makes you feel more fulfilled at the moment, what fills your cup with joy, what you feel more inclined towards.

Spending a large chunk of your time in front of the laptop, typing out assignments and query letters and endless follow-ups may be your current calling. On another day/month/season, soaking up the sun with your baby may just be what fills you and your family with happiness. Yet on another day, growing your own food, learning a new form of alternative healing, painting a picture or making your home a wee bit more chemical-free, may give you a sense of peace and contentment.

Over the years, through seasons and phases, I’ve come to understand and accept that our days are like a river, meandering/rushing/skipping through different terrains, through a whole spectrum of climates and weather conditions. While a measure of planning and structure is acceptable and often necessary, a lot of what we do with our lives and our days are amenable to change. This is a life lesson that I’m constantly jostling with, what with my nature to plan out everything, to want more structure than what may be possible in this season of life.

I also took this time to research and finalize on a Yoga Teacher’s Training program that I’m looking forward to start within a few weeks. I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 15 years, and this step seems like a natural progression to my burgeoning interest in all things holistic and natural, of going with the flow, to seek out peace and joy.

Like a squirrel gathering nuts, I’ve also been bustling around studying and gathering natural ingredients for my own ‘line’ of eco-friendly cosmetics and home-cleaners. As I wait for the raw materials to arrive by post, I’m reading about essential oils and their healing benefits, about how moms across the world incorporate a dollop of eco-living into their lives, about things that you can create in your own kitchen (other than food!) to nourish your family.

With all of this brewing in my head and my life, I’m all set to launch a new section called ‘Green Living’ on this blog. A little corner where I’ll share my journey in greening my family and our lives.

I’ve also been studying photography under the super-talented Beryl Ayn Young. I had signed up for her online course ways back in July, but had to drop it for a while when we moved back to the Air Force base in North India and got busy setting up our home here. So, now when the home’s all set and our life is collection of little routines and rituals, it seemed the right time to pick up the camera again and learn to snap and shoot with élan.

And hey, there’s something else I’m working on with my designer friend. But I’ll spill the beans some other day ;-).

So, stay tuned for notes from my journal. And stay inspired! 

Hello Monday + Happy New Week!

P.S. One of my health articles – ‘5 health tips for the work-at-home professional’ was published in this fab online magazine called Living Better 50. J Thanks, Carol & the LB50 Team!

And hey, join the tribe at my Facebook page!

text + photography by chandana banerjee

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  1. Welcome back.You have been super productive..I love your idea about starting an eco friendly line of products.Wish you all the luck with that.Please make bed linen sprays.I will definitely buy those.:-)Neil is adorable and congratulations on your feature.Applause for you.


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