Thursday, March 9, 2017

10 Reasons why I write about the Sari

Do you want the honest truth? I never set out to be a sari blogger, let alone a sari wearer. 

Though I’ve loved the sari since I was a little girl, it wasn’t my go-to attire for many years. And when I did start wearing the 6-yards of elegance often, mostly for work assignments in the heartland of India and to rambunctious fauji parties, I never really consciously thought about the sari as more than a garment. Till I read an article about how the sari is dying a slow death, and how if we weren’t careful, it would end up being a costume than the tradition, story, heritage and history that it really is.

So, here’s the reason why I write about the sari – and believe me, it’s got very less to do with fashion.

1. I want to do my itsy bitsy bit in saving the sari from its costume-future. I mean, like Yoga and Ayurveda, we’ll soon have the West educating us about the beauty and benefits of the sari – and rightly so, if we aren’t very careful about preserving this piece of tradition.

2. I’d like to bring forth the story behind each sari. The stories of weavers toiling over manual looms in huts lit with lanterns.

Amy Aribam - a sari diva, mom and founder of ARIA Ethnic & Amaria

3. I want to draw attention to the fact that each sari really is a piece of art, not just a garment meant to hibernate in our steel trunks. Just look at the number of sari weaving traditions and styles across India, and each one is as intricate and beautiful as the other.

4. I’d like women to feel just as good in a sari as in a pair of jeans. For a long time, I’d get exasperated questions like “Why are you wearing a sari today?” or “Why not jeans?”, and I really couldn’t understand why the sari bothers some people so much. I still don’t. But you want my honest opinion – this graceful garment can only make you look better, not worse. So how does it matter where you wear it to!

5. I’d love women to embrace this garment – it really does bring out the best in you. (No explanation necessary, right?)

6. I want to do good through the sari. Can we share our saris with those who need some? Can we raise funds through saris? Here’s a story I did about this earlier.

7. I’d love the sari to be our ‘little black dress’ and our go-to garment. For parties and meetings, trips to the book store or a day at your favorite restaurant.

8. I want to say we do NOT need the right occasion to wear a sari. If you can wear a pair of jeans or your black trouser-suit to a red-carpet event or to the local café, then why not the sari?

9. I’d like to help those who want to wear a sari but are still nervous about it. Sari-wearing isn’t rocket science. A bit of practice, some accessories and a dollop of confidence, and you can absolutely rock the look. Here are lots of sari style posts.

10. Finally, I want You to be yourself in a sari. Not fidgety or nervous, anxious or under-confident. But the confident, happy, kind person that you are meant to be.

What’s your sari story?

Let us know below or join the discussion at our Facebook page.

P.S. A big thank you to Amy Aribam for sharing her sari photos so generously! Ladies, you'll be seeing more of this sari entrepreneur on this blog + a Sari Love interview is on the cards too. 

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  1. Proud to be a saree wearer... N m sure with ppl like you , Amy Aribam and Gunjan Hassan in support, saree will never end up only being a costume... Its such a beautiful attire depicting our culture n tradition... Being a bong, i am in totally love with it since childhood ;-)

  2. Love the saree..I love wearingcit for any occassion

  3. Since childhood, I would go to my mom's wardrobe, steal her saari and wear it! I believe saari is the sexiest thing a woman can wear

  4. Awesome your blog for saree. saree is beautiful our culture tradition.Thanks for sharing great blog for sharee


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