Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3 of my favorite body care products in March

Over the past year, I’ve been slowly replacing chemical-laden body care products with handmade, gentle and natural alternatives. We make some and buy the others from entrepreneurs or self-help groups across the country. The idea is to own fewer products, but cherish the magic in each little bottle, box or jar that we source.

Fresh, handmade, sourced from small businesses and most-importantly, crafted with earth and body friendly ingredients, this month's goodies are making me feel good :).

I’d love to share three of my favorites this month (every month, I’ll share a few of my current fav things).

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid to recommend these products.

Apricot body oil from Aarohi: Like bottles of liquid gold, these nourish my skin in the dry and not-yet-summer days. In a season, when olive oil becomes too thick and heat-inducing to apply, and coconut oil seems a bit too light, this sunshine-yellow apricot oil with its faint aroma of crushed apricot seeds is like a slice of heaven. Cold-pressed and made by women in the hills near Nainital, this oil is a good alternative to store-bought lotions.

I bought a 50 ml bottle from the Dastkaar exhibition, and followed it up with another 100 ml bottle that I bought online.

The Soap Nut’s handmade soaps: Ever since I started using real handmade soaps, I’ve been a convert. Gentle on the skin and prettier to look at, these are a treat to use. While there are several small businesses that create and sell the most delectable soaps through their Facebook pages and websites, I’ve been buying mine from The SoapNut in Pune. In an assortment of colors and designs, Radha Kunke’s soaps are works of art. You can check out her collection here.

Bon’s Mosquito Repellant: I’m not sure if you’re the one mosquitoes home in on, but they sure follow me around every time I’m out at the park in the evening. And ditto for my son. Even after we apply store-bought anti-mosquito creams, sometimes we still come back with bites. So while a mosquito repellant is a must for folks like us, I’d been looking for natural alternatives to slather on. And I found exactly the kind of mosquito repellant I wanted – sans chemicals, made with natural essential oils and packaged in an easy-to-apply spray bottle. 

Check out Pondicherry-based Bon Organic's Mosquito Repellant if you’re looking for a soothing alternative that can keep the pesky lil insects away with the power of a medley of herbal and essential oils. These are safe for my little goblin too.

I bought mine from Bon’s online store.

What are your favorite things this month? 

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