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Corporate Sari Style - Tips & Tricks To Make Saris Work For You At Your Workplace

by Ankita Priyadarshini

Corporate dressing for women has come to mean business suits in predictable combinations of black, grey, blue and white. There is neither much room to experiment, nor many options. While I have nothing against business suits, I prefer the freedom and elegance of a sari. Its flexibility to suit any shape and size and the comfort it offers for all-day wear, is what makes it a great work-wear option.

Ankita - dressed for work

Choosing and styling saris the right way goes a long way in helping you look put together while being comfortable. Some aspects to keep in mind while creating your sari look:

Fabric: The fabric is the foundation of your attire. If the fabric is uncomfortable it will be difficult to bear it all day and will show in your demeanor. Choose easy-to-carry, comfortable fabrics. Handloom cottons and silks are a good place to start. Try your sari beforehand to make sure it’s not too much to handle for a 10 hour workday. Lighter fabrics such as georgette or chiffon are acceptable if the sari is not sheer.

Some fabrics to begin with – Linen, soft cottons, silk cotton and Mysore silk are light and easy to handle. Choose breezy fabrics for summer and heavier silks or thick cottons for winter. Avoid stiff fabrics such as Organdy, Organza and Tissue.

Colors: Any color goes well if you carry it with panache. The only thing to consider is the tone of the color – it shouldn’t be so bright that it causes a glare in bright lights. Whether red, green, blue or yellow – choose a somewhat tame shade. Keep the fabric in mind too; a red cotton sari looks very different from a red Mysore silk. If the fabric has luster, try to avoid very bright shades.
Weaves and types: Some great picks from our country’s rich handloom repertoire are Pochampally, Maheshwari, Kanchipuram cottons and silks (very little or no zari), Taant, Kaantha, Chanderi, Indigo, Kota Doria, Tussar, Jamdani and Coimbatore cotton. Florals and block prints, Tie-Dye, hand painted saris – anything goes if it doesn’t have too much zari or bling.

Styling: A pleated and pinned pallu is the smartest way of styling your work sari. It gives a crisp and business-like vibe. If you choose to leave your pallu unpleated, test for long-wear comfort beforehand or choose a light fabric.

Styling also includes make-up blouses, footwear and accessories. Try to keep the make-up light and jewellery simple – pearls (any colour), platinum, thin gold chains or diamond studs, a couple of subdued kadas, or even subtle pieces of wooden or oxidized metal junk jewellery.

Sandals (high or flat), pumps or even kolhapuris go well with saris. Anything that suits your tastes can be used as a blouse – matching, contrast, fit or anti-fit or even crop-tops or shirts, as long as it’s not too quirky or loud. Try to avoid tinkling bells, mirrors or sequins in your blouses, jewellery and footwear.

Winter style: Winters bring opportunities for smart winter styling of saris. Use turtle necks or sweat-shirts as blouses, go the classic cardigan-over-sari way, drape your pallu in the front like a scarf, or fling a shawl in a coordinating or contrast colour on your shoulders. Drape your pallu around your neck like a muffler under your trench coat, style and warmth in one smart package!

Special occasion style: There will always be days more special than your regular work day. An office party, a conference or a client presentation – take out the more serious kanjeevarams or other south silks to up your ante. A sari with a thin zari border is a great option for an attractive yet sober look.

For a party, you can make your jewellery a tad heavier and make-up a little darker. A semi-sheer sari, some sequins or a minimal amount of bling is a great way to keep it glamorous yet work-appropriate.
Corporate dressing doesn’t have to be restrictive or unimaginative. Include saris and let them drape you in their colors and magic!

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