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Burja Haveli in Alwar - The Tango of Starlight, Slow Living and Scrumptious Fare

We love traveling, exploring the length and breadth of India in our little silver Wagon-R (this little buggie just completed 1 Lakh kilometers on our recent trip). Before my son was born, my husband S and I had chalked-up quite a list of places – about 52 little towns, forests and mountain tops. But all of that came to an abrupt end after our naughty munchkin with the face of an innocent monk and the mischief of a goblin, appeared in our lives.

We just didn’t have the gumption to pack all that baby gear or deal with oodles of fussiness that was the USP of my son, till recently. Add to that S’s postings and assignments that left us with meager holidays, most of them at last minute notice with the Damocles Sword of being called back from leave hanging on our heads. But this year, as 2018 rolled in all bright and dazzling, we decided to pack in a few places we’d been craving to visit. And with holiday destinations a drive away from Delhi, this seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

Holidaying in a Haveli: Our first stop during our February holiday was a quaint heritage haveli in Alwar. Burja Haveli, which is three hours from Delhi, is just the place for spending a quiet little holiday in. A 240-year-old manor that once upon a time belonged to a prosperous Jagirdar, it’s still run by the descendants and offers a medley of comfort, old world charm and a taste of rural Rajasthan.

With rooms set around a courtyard that also doubles up as an outdoor restaurant, Burja Haveli is ideal for unwinding, soaking in the slow pace of this small town or curling up with a good book.

Tailing the tiger at Sariska: We reached Burja Haveli by 10 in the morning, and with the sky overcast and the weather still considerably chilly, decided to head up to Sariska for a jungle safari. The safari was one of the bumpiest rides I’ve been on. Set on the Aravali range and choc-full of shrubs, exploring Sariska is for those who want to enjoy another forest rather than the vision to see a tiger. We saw herds of Sambar deer and Spotted deer, crocodiles baking in the sun and pugmarks on the dirt track every now and then. But the tiger remained elusive.

Back at Burja Haveli (which is about 1.5 hours from Sariska), we savored the coziness of it all. The live local Rajasthani music, a hot and very satisfying meal under the stars, and the gentleness of the whole haveli was what I loved best about Burja.

The food here is mention-worthy. Though the menu isn’t eclectic and they stick to dishes that most people would like, everything that you try is lip-smacking and cooked with love. Rotis are made fresh on a chulha right in the courtyard. And those who enjoy their sun-downers, can sip their beverage of choice on the terrace-bar. I found their complimentary breakfast items just as scrumptious. With the food being rustled up by a Chef, who has worked in some noteworthy Indian restaurants in Pune, the fare here is truly fit for a Jagirdar.

I’d have loved to spend another day here, this time lounging in the sunny courtyard and eating more of the delicious food. But Ranthambore was next on our itinerary and we hit the road to head to our favorite resort there.
(Stay tuned for my Ranthambhore + Kesroli Fort Travelogue.)

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  1. Lovely post, brilliant photography by the 'bandit'! Now that your munchkin has grown up, he will love these trips and remember them for life!


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