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Be Your Own Boss From Anywhere: A brand new blog series for military wives & moms!

Hello ladies! Are you a military/fauji wife or aspiring work-from-home/homeschooling mom with talents, skills, degrees and a deep desire to whip up a home-based career from anywhere? Have you been wondering where to begin or how to start that work-from-home small biz? Do you often feel disheartened about the lack of good job opportunities where you’re posted and feel that you won’t be able to have a career as a fauji wife?

work-from-home moms & military wives
Helping military/fauji wives & moms with small kids, start that work-from-home venture

I’ve got a new & Free blog series, with audio (download it below) + video (am beginning my Yourtube journey soon) to help you get started. I’ve also launched a new Facebook group called Be Your Own Boss From Anywhere, as an online meet-up of work-from-home women entrepreneurs. 

What’s in this new series for newbie work-from-home military wives? From the nuts and bolts of identifying what you want to do, how you need to get started and how you can juggle work with your military wife commitments, this blog series has you covered.

·        These posts share simple and practical ways to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you feel that being a self-employed military wife is impossible, then you’ll discover ways of making that possible.
·        If you want to break up this newbie work-from-home journey into bite-sized goals and tasks, you’ll get that in the weekly posts.
·        If you’re getting influenced by nay-sayers and are letting myths and beliefs stop you from venturing out on your own, then you’ll find ways to work through those and come out more positive.
·        And, if you want hand-holding through this journey of turning into a home-based milpreneur, then I’m right here, sharing my own experiences and tips, to help you create a plan that works for you.

What this #blogseries is Not:
·        There won’t be any job openings or work-from-home openings mentioned in this series or group.
·        I will not be able to teach you how to get a work-from-home job; we’re more about creating your own career from scratch.

Wait who am I to write about working-from-home careers? With almost 14 of experience as a work-from-home entrepreneur, I’ve worked through the thick and thin of military life. My work and the kind of work I do has morphed, grown, shrunk or expanded depending upon the kind of postings, parenting phase (solo, often), the number of TDs (temporary detachment) my husband has had to go on, and the availability or lack of internet connectivity.

I am an Air Force wife, Amazon Bestselling author of ‘The Work-at-home Military Wife’, writer, creative writing teacher, artist at Jugnoo Story Art, Certified Health Coach, and a homeschooling mother. I’ve set up offices on makeshift tables in tiny two-room transit houses, in the storerooms of crumbling bungalows and in the corners of my bedroom in tightly packed apartments. Deadlines have been wrestled with and met while juggling parties, welfare meets and “compulsory” volunteer activities. And my work has gone on despite the polite and sometimes not-so-polite suggestions to quit from some (well-meaning, I’m sure ;-)) senior ladies. 

But through the rough and tumble of this gloriously adventurous and unpredictable military life, if something’s come out bright and sharp, it’s this need to be my own boss and help other ladies start their own self-employment journey.

work-at-home blog series
Work-from-home guide

Why bother creating a work-from-home career?
·        In the military community, our identity is finely enmeshed with our husband’s—which is well and good. But, why not also create an identity based on our own educational qualifications and professional avatar?
·        Why not dust out those degrees, collect new ones and put our skills and passions to work?
·        Why not create job opportunities for ourselves instead of waiting for the perfect job to come our way (which rarely happens when you’re transferred to a back-of-beyond military base unless you’re a schoolteacher)?
·        Why not create and carry on our work, even while juggling the unique challenges of this military life?

Who is this blog series for?
·        A military/fauji wife who’d like to create a portable entrepreneurial career
·        A military/fauji wife who’s curious about setting up a work-from-home life and wondering if it’s practical
·        A mom with small kids, who may or may not be a military spouse, but would like to crack the self-employed, work-from-home life

So, are you joining us on this fun, rollercoaster ride called the ‘Be your own boss from anywhere’ series? Grab a notebook and pen, and feel free to jot down any points as we set out. Check my blog www.chandanabanerjee.com every Tuesday/Wednesday for a new post in this series.

***DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO FILE OF THIS POST HERE on my Youtube Channel (for those of you who'd like to listen on the run :)). Psst...I'm sounding far more serious in this audio clip than I really am...let's blame it on the fact that it's my first audio ;-). 


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P.S. Need more inspiration? For real-life military/fauji wife entrepreneur stories, check these stories out.

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