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6 Smart reasons to start a work-from-home career as a military/fauji wife

I prefer being my own boss any day over reporting to a boss. But if you’ve always worked for an organization—a company or school, then you might wonder what’s so great about this self-employed lifestyle. Especially, when working for yourself is about putting in just as much hard work or more and not getting a paycheck every month in the bank (the money trickles in, eventually).
work-from-home military wives
Work-from-Home entrepreneurship for fauji wives

Here’s why I think home-based self-employment is a great fit for the military wife:
1.     You can pack and carry your work wherever you go: Whether you’re moving to another town on posting (PCS) or traveling with your husband on a TD (temporary detatchment), you can take your work along. While you may have to take a break when you’re moving to another base, you don’t have to quit working or worry about taking a long leave of absence. 
2.   You can work from back-of-beyond military bases: When your spouse is in the military, especially the Army and the Air Force, postings to obscure places across the length and breadth of the country is a given. And rather than making the difficult choice of staying back in a bigger town to work or giving up working altogether if you move with your husband, as a work-from-home entrepreneur, you can continue working (with some solid tweaks to customize it to your current posting and portfolio requirements) wherever the service sends you.
3.   You can enjoy some amount of flexibility: I won’t say that work-from-home careers are so flexible that you can give up work whenever service requirements take priority. But I would like to say that when you work-from-home on your own venture, you can tweak your schedule sometimes to fit in the many social and volunteer requirements that come your way as a service wife. Whether you have a welfare meeting to attend in the morning, a sports meet to be present at during the early evening or a party to go to at night, you can arrange your work on some days to fit in your duties as a military spouse/ fauji wife.
4.   You get more time for your kids: Let's be honest. When you're married to a man in uniform, you get plenty of practice at being the primary caregiver to your children, and the parent to stay back with them when Dad is out on deployments or tours of duty. When the parent in uniform has a schedule that keeps them out of the home for long hours and sometimes, even for months, the military mom has a lot on her plate. Add to that social and volunteer commitments and work stresses, and you have your schedule chock-full. So, if you’re working for yourself from your home office, you can be right there when the going gets tough. Whether you tweak your work goals to accommodate your husband’s deployments and long hours, or you hire reliable help (not always available at bases) to babysit your kids while you work at home, you can still be more hands-on when you are your own boss.
5.    You will have your own professional identity and will feel empowered: In the defense services, the wife’s identity is strongly linked to the husband’s rank and role at work. Even the responsibilities that come your way are often set around the hubby’s portfolio. While I have embraced this to a certain extent, I also crave an identity that's based on my talents, skills, and profession. For me, that's about being a writer, health coach, green living activist, and work-from-home entrepreneur. While I attend to the many social requirements of the services, I also want to create a body of work that's professionally satisfying.
6.   You don’t have to rely on companies to give you a job: Though some companies offer work-from-home positions, there aren’t too many interesting jobs out there for the always-on-the-move military spouse. I come across so many Army and Air Force wives, who are well-qualified and talented but cannot find office positions to fit in with their interests or degrees, which often leads them to stop working altogether. This is where work-from-home entrepreneurship or being self-employed comes to the rescue. With just some training, a laptop, an internet connection and a desire to do something, military wives can create meaningful work for themselves.

Ask yourself:
Are you ready to create a career that you can pack and carry?
Do you want to create your own identity that’s based on your professional skills?
Do you want to create a work-life balance that can accommodate the many responsibilities and social obligations of the military life?
Do you actually want to become a work-from-home entrepreneur or do you still want to look for a job at every base?

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