Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Easy & Fun Christmas Crafts for Kids

With Christmas just around the corner, my son and I decided to dedicate a few of our homeschooling days to getting into the festive mood. And what better way to usher in the season than create Christmas decorations to hang onto our “upcycled” tree?!

DIY Christmas tree decorations
Image credit: Chandana Banerjee
When a mom friend asked me for DIY Christmas tree decorations that her son can make as well, I decided to put it down in a blog post for all other moms out there, who’d like to do some Xmas crafting with their kids.

So, here we go.

Your Christmas craft kit:

The very first thing to do is create a kit with all the things you can use to make those decorations. I went foraging around my house, pulling out balls of leftover wool, a few wooden clothes pegs and spoons, stickers, marker pens, glue, child-friendly scissors and other bits and bobs that I felt we could use in our crafting.

I also believe in recycling and reusing things that we otherwise discard as junk.

I pulled out flattened sheets of thick card paper from under the mattress that used to be a cake box earlier, as well as cardboard sheets that comes with packages in which shirts and t-shirts are packed in. These are very handy for making different kinds of crafts.

There were a few things that we bought, like star stickers, tiny pompoms, cotton balls and some pre-colored ice-cream sticks.

DIY Christmas Tree Decorations: Some of the cute stuff that we made at home were:

Christmas crafts for kids
Image credit: Chandana Banerjee
Popsicle stick snowflakes

Santa, Snowman and Reindeer faces with the recycled card paper, cotton balls, pompoms for the noses and stickers

Cutout stars from card paper and the gold paper that chocolates come wrapped in

Angels made out of wooden clothes pegs and spoons 

Note: Click on the linked words above above and follow the tutorials that pop up.

Green Christmas
Image credit: Chandana Banerjee
The Christmas Tree: We still have a few more decorations to make, but we were in a happy hurry to put up the ones that we’d made last week. Our "upcycled" tree, which is a thick twig with branches, is looking just as gorgeous as any store-bought tree.

I hope you give these ideas a shot, and create these with your children J.

Leave a comment below sharing what you are making for Christmas this year.

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