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Plan your way into 2020 with this planning system (a planner review)

This year – 2019 is on its way out, and the brand new year 2020, freshly minted and sparkling, is about to roll in. It’s at this time – at the cusp of the years that we reflect on the year that’s fading off and plan for the year’s that’s shining bright on the horizon. And a good planner is one the best tools to make this transition with.

Planner for 2020
Plan your business & lifestyle with a handy planning system
Honestly, as much as I like the idea of using a planner (and every year I look for one to use), I haven’t ever got down to getting one. I’m one of those people, who vouches to start on a new daily planner, only to give up on the idea before January is out. I prefer going with the flow and a simple to-do list jotted down in a notepad has worked for me till now.

But now that I’m juggling 3 ventures (two of which are in newborn and toddler stages), homeschooling my rambunctious son, devoting time to multiple military wife commitments, and carving out time to work on my health, I do need a simple system to jot down ideas, plans, goals and dreams. This is why I like fellow milpreneur Shreya Sharan Pawar’s digital bundle of planners – its user-friendly, visually appealing and flexible in the way I want to use it as a personal & business tool (thanks Shreya, for sending it to me to use & review).

Shreya’s Planners: This is a bundle of three beautifully designed workbooks with a Daily Planner, a Monthly Planner, and a Life & Business Workbook. What I like about these is that I can choose which pages I want to give more time to, and which sections I can fill later or leave out, if that’s what I wish. For a person like me, who is a strange mix of a planner and go-with-the-flow girl, a flexible system like this works much better.

What also helps is that it’s visually appealing and as an artist, I always gravitate towards things that have an element of pretty in them. And since it’s a digital download, I can print out more of the pages that I want to work on, which gives me the choice to focus on certain areas more.

The Daily Planner: This is a straightforward list of things-to-do, with plenty of space to jot down all the things you want to pack into your days. I plan to take 30-31 printouts of this list and fill one up every day or ideally, the night before.

Your Fantastic Life & Business Planner: If you’re planning to set goals for your life and business, then this is the go-to file. Every month has a set of questions for you to answer, which covers your personal and business goals, the major commitments in that month, people you want to collaborate with and how you’d like to celebrate when you meet those goals. There are questions that bring your focus to the blog posts and social media posts you want to write that month as well as business & personal stuff you want to spend your money on.

Your Fantastic Life & Business Workbook: This is that place where you can explore all your dreams, ideas and goals for the many facets of your life. From your finances to your health, relationships to your business, this workbook is your Idea Central.

How I plan to use it: I’ve already mentioned that while I plan a framework of things, I’m also partly open to spontaneity, especially when it comes to ideas and business opportunities. With this planner, I’m going to give myself the choice. The choice to explore certain ideas and areas of my life, while letting a few areas be. With a digital download like Shreya’s, I get to choose what works best and make the whole planning system work for me.

You can buy this digital workbook bundle here for Rs 699 here.

What tools do you use for planning? Leave a comment below to let me know J.

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