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Book Review: The Chic Author by Fiona Ferris

‘Cinnamon Reads - warm books to curl up with’: The Chic Author by Fiona Ferris

Create your dream career and lifestyle, writing and self-publishing non-fiction books

Cinnamon Reads is our bookish series, where I review books that I've enjoyed and would recommend curling up with, and interview self-published authorpreneurs.

Here is a book that’s been like salve to my authorepreneur’s soul. The kind of book that I often flip through to assure myself that even though the hike up this hill is steep, it is worth every minute and every bit of hard work. 

A book on indie author lifestyle and self publishing ebooks
The Chic Author by Fiona Ferris

For the past few weeks I’ve been immersed in the self-publishing world. My second Kindle book, “Queen Of The At-Home Lifestyle: A gal’s guide to working-from-home, homemaking and homeschooling” is just out on the virtual shelves of Amazon; but before it could be officially released, there were lots of itty-bitty things to look into. As an authorpreneur, you’re in-charge of end-to-end production of your book. From ideating and researching to the actual writing and re-writing to getting the cover designed and the book formatted, there’s tonnes to do before you birth your book and send it out to the world and in the hands of readers. And then, there’s all the posting and sharing to create a bit of buzz around the book.

A lot of this work is satisfying; while some of it is a tad exhausting. But every time I’d been coming up for air, I would grab my Kindle and flip open “The Chic Author” for the prose, gentle advise and the firm reassurance that being a self-published non-fiction author is definitely a “dream career and lifestyle” to eke out and aspire to. 

The 21 chapters and the bonus one with 100 tips at the end have a lilting quality to them, taking the aspiring or new indie author by the hand and guiding them through the many phases of an authropreneur lifestyle. From Fiona’s own story of how she became a successful indie author to how to make time for writing your book to structuring a book, this book is packed with lots of goodness. 

The chapters where Fiona writes about how to visualise yourself as a successful author, self-edit a book and get a cover designed are some of my favourite ones. Though I’m not entirely brand new to self-publishing, with two books out on Amazon, I still enjoyed her tips on structuring one’s writing, writing fast (no writer can have enough of these tips), developing a flow and getting past your fears. Every nugget that she has shared in The Chic Author is precious and it is so heartening to follow her author journey. 

When I finished this book, it gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling, like a hand-knitted blanket around my shoulders. I carry Fiona’s reassurances and advice with me, as I begin work on my next non-fiction book, and visualise what my successful authorpreneur journey will look like, as I write and publish one book after another.

Call to action: If you’re an aspiring author or a newbie writer, and have been wondering how to take the plunge into creating a writing career, check out The Chic Author by Fiona Ferris. 

If you’re wondering how to craft a work-from-home career while homeschooling the kids and tending to the home & hearth, take a peek at my brand new Kindle book “Queen Of The at-Home Lifestyle”.

My new Amazon bestselling Kindle book
My new Kindle book

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