Friday, May 2, 2014

Find your Style Friday: A dash of DIY Funky!

What do you do when a brand new T-shirt ends up being the victim of a laundry mishap? Do you throw it right out of the window? Or, do you turn it into a rag to dust around the house? Or…if you can muster up some time and a few pots of paint, turn it into a piece of bespoke clothing?

Well, I almost resorted to the first two options, but on a whim I chose the latter. I brought out my paints and brushes, sliced and carved a few potatoes, and used stray plastic packets around the house to print on this pink T-shirt. When I had printed and painted to my satisfaction, I turned the T into a canvas and doodled all over it with a permanent marker. And then, dotted it with fabric glitter.

All done and heat-pressed, I wore this funky T-shirt to our picnic and reveled in the happiness that comes from re-purposing something and creating art.

How are you adding a dash of funky to this Find your Style Friday?

photo credit: sandeep banerjee


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