Monday, May 5, 2014

Good Morning Monday + Inspiration Challenge + What's your personality like?

Good Morning Monday & Hello New Week!

It’s a brand new month – another month from the 2014 bandwagon that’ll gallop by as we swirl in this summer’s scorching heat.

So, how are you planning to pack a punch this week? Where are you looking for inspiration? What have you got planned for the next seven days?

Well, I know, there’s work to do. And there’s work. All of this needs to be done. But while we’re at it, pounding at our laptops, running around our kids, checking up Facebook, prepping those meals – can we, in some way turn the everyday, the humdrum of our mundane into a work of beauty? Or maybe, just take what’s usual and normal for us and give it a happy twirl? Infuse some joy, some ‘life candy’, some sparkle into our days and hours?

For starters, how about dressing up for ourselves? Oh no – I don’t mean going to the zoo in killer stilettos and hot pants (though you’re welcome to do so). I’m talking about playing around with our personal style and letting how we dress & accessorize be a reflection of the people we are.

And, how about getting creative with what we have at hand? Here’s a dash of inspiration- Alisa Burke, one of my favorite artists turns something as mundane as embroidery hoops into this.

photo credit: karen walrond

So hey, since we’re talking about being brave, why not make peace with the people we really are! By being different. By blazing our own trail. By being a little less hard on ourselves. By not following others or copying others’ actions. The Beauty of Different by Karen Walrond is just the kind of book that you’d love to read while sipping a steaming cup of coffee and mulling about who you are, what you want to be. I finished this book just last week (unfortunately the last of the books that I read on my beloved Kindle – which has passed over because a baby boy in our house decided to plonk himself on it) and relished the stories and messages tucked in that book.

Be a firefly – lit up by your own personality.

Have an inspiring week! And let me know what you carved out of the days.

P.S. May’s list of writing prompts for you to download and start creating with.

photo credit: sandeep banerjee

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