Monday, May 26, 2014

Good Morning Monday + Ways to get 'arty' with your kids

Good Morning Monday & Hello New Week!

How was your weekend? Did you do something creative? Maybe you drew in your sketchbook, took a picture, cooked a delicious meal, changed the décor of your home? There are so many ways to be creative within the realm of our daily lives,  and I’d love to know how you infuse creativity into your days.

This weekend, I cooked a birthday meal for my husband, S. And we painted with Baby N.

Painting with our 10-month-old boy is more about spreading out the paper & brushes and laying out small tubs of paint, and making a mess. Baby N dips his chubby fingers in the paint, plays with the brushes, gets ‘war paint’ on himself, crawls over the paint-smeared paper. It’s a whole lot of fun!

I’d love to do more art with little N. Try new things. Introduce him to a variety of art-based activities. And in this quest to find more ideas, I’ve been hanging around a few art-with-your-kids blogs.

Choc-a-bloc with interesting ideas, these websites might become your fav go-to places too. Take a look.

The Artful Parent is a treasure trove of art ideas for kids and parents. I love the rich array of activities, all of them doable and interesting. I also love Jean’s (the author) passion in being a hands-on artful parent, in writing about her arty adventures with her children, in sharing everything. (Thanks Jean, for putting together this blog!)

Kids Activities Blog is another online resource for moms who’d love to sit down on the floor, get their hands messy and do a whole lot of simple yet fun stuff with their children. I’ve been scrolling through the pages of this website, mining the ideas, tweaking them for our life, and lovin’ the enthusiasm with which these have been presented.

And now another of my recent favourites. Creative with Kids is as much for the parent side of you, as the person side. There are several ideas on things you can do with your children and I really enjoy going through those, but I equally relish the articles that are meant to nourish your soul, offer a pick-me-up when you need it. Honest is the word that I’d use to describe this site. Go over with a cup of coffee in hand, and let Alissa nurture you a bit as you read her wise words.

So dig in. Bring out the paints and paper. Get messy. Have fun.

What kind of creative things do you do with your kids?

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