Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, S!

Long ago, I’d read a beautiful story. It went something like this.

God creates a soul and then breaks it into two. He puts these two halves of a whole soul into two people and sends them to earth. When the time is right, destiny brings these people together, and once again, the soul becomes complete.

A simple little tale, but one that I’ve remembered and believed in. Two people, one soul. A marriage or partnership that is equal amounts work, and equal amounts of fun. This seems so much like my story, our story. And as my husband touches mid-thirties on May 24, I thank God for placing the other part of my soul in this person. For having created S. For who he is. For what we share. For what we have.

Happy Birthday, S!

The candles and cake and chicken will be waiting for you when you come back.


  1. Beautiful always. ..God bless u both.

  2. Nice reflection of what your husband means to you, lucky you. Blessings for togetherness.


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