Monday, September 5, 2016

9 ways to recycle and reuse what you already have to create an eclectic sari look

So by now you know that I’m a sari gal. You probably also know that I favor a crunchy and eco-licious lifestyle. And, top that with motherhood and remnants of my pre-mom wardrobe, and you’ve got this article packed with 9 tips to recycle and reuse what you’ve got to create a style that’s all about spunk and creativity. 

As a work-from-home writer and a mom with a hurricane of a little boy to chase after, I’m often attired in a pair of comfortable pallazos/pants/leggings and t-shirts, and so when I do have to change into a sari, I like to carry over some of the casualness of this wardrobe into my sari style.

Another factor that has kept me on this quest to create a sari style that’s effortless yet interesting is the amount of time I have to get ready. And often that’s less than 10 minutes if I’m lucky. So, the idea is to create an outfit in a jiffy with what I already have while adding a unique look that’s totally me.

Lately, I’ve also been trying to turn into a ‘rational minimalist’ by consuming/buying/shopping more consciously. This means, that before I purchase a gorgeous and expensive sari blouse or splurge on a pair of sandals, I must come up with creative ways to wear what’s already residing in my closet. 

If any of this resonates with you or even if you’re just curious about creating a sari style with the different elements of your wardrobe, here are some of my tips.

1. Just pick up a t-shirt, shirt or top from your wardrobe and match it with a sari. Don’t overthink the combo or if the colors or patterns match. You’ll be surprised at how eclectic such a put-together look can be.

2. Mix two different kinds of styles. For example, once I wore a kitschy indigo collared t-shirt with a traditional white-and-red Tangail sari. I teamed this with camel-colored boots and a big red bindi, and it was quite a hit at the party I went to.

3. Wear those tops in neutral shades as blouses to go with your block printed, handloom saris. I wear my black or white sleeveless tops with saris, instead of a blouse.

4. Don’t be shy of teaming up those slightly-tight shirts with your saris. These are perfect to wear during the cooler months, and go well with cottons and silks.
Halter tops or spaghetti tops look perfect with chiffons.

5. Keep a few necklaces made with wooden beads in warm wood tones handy. These can be worn with your kitschy combinations, and will complement the outfit rather than make it look too crowded. So grab one o these when you’re in a hurry or can’t decide what to wear with one of these crazy combos.

6. Wear jewellery that you’ve made. I have this necklace that my mother and I made with multiple strings of hand-rolled magazine beads and wear it whenever I want to notch up the craziness of my outfits ;-). You could even try jewellery made with painted macaroni or polymer clay.

7. While it’s fine to have a jewellery box overflowing with all kinds of earrings, all you need is a few pairs of ear baubles - dangling or clip on, to wear with your saris. I keep a couple of pair of silver earrings on hand as well as a few others made with beads. I team these up with different kinds of saris and don’t really feel the need to buy pair after pair to create my sari look.

8. Think out-of-the-box when it comes to footwear. You don’t have to always wear Cinderalla’s impossibly beautiful glass slippers aka the fanciest of footwear to make your sari look good enough. If you’re wearing a cotton sari, try teaming it up with a pair of slip-on sneakers (yeah, you heard right). Or, if you’re wearing a raw silk sari, try slipping into a pair of boots. Bring out those kolhapuris and mojris when you’re in a light chiffon or just wear your favorite flat leather sandals.

Just one or two jholas/batuas are enough to complete your look. I particularly favor a handmade tote crafted out of patchwork cloth as well as a small gold crochet batua that I use for some of the fancier occasions.

9. Don’t ‘ladyfy’ the sari so much that you have to put together a separate set of accessories and footwear just for it. The sari is versatile and willing to adjust, so do give it a chance to do so.

What kind of eclectic styles do you sport with your sari?

And while we’re on the topic of reusing and recycling, here’s a way to even reduce that pile of old saris tucked away at the back of your closet. Check out our Facebook Page to help with what you don’t need.

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