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Sari Love - Sunanda Sastry and her quirky sari style

Hey Sari Gals out there! Here’s a new sari series called Sari Love with picture profiles of sari aficionados across India and the world. Women who wear the sari with pride, passion and panache. Ladies who let their saris go out and play i.e gals who don’t keep their saris caged up in closets or pegged into standard ensembles.

So ladies, get ready to find dollops of inspiration in these posts – enough to nudge you to bring out those handloom saris and wear them with a playful twist. Hop on as we cruise into this interesting sari territory!

Meet our very first sari guest - Sunanda Sastry, a sari czarina with a quirky, crazy style of her own.

Q. Please tell us about yourself – what you do, where do you live, your interests, family.

Ans. To 'Precis' into 6 lines about Oneself is the toughest thing to do but lets get down to it:
I am an Architect who Designs Interior Spaces (70%of my time under -Sunanda Sastry & Associates)
and loves to work with All that is Earthmade/Handmade and Vintage (30%of my time under-Sutradhaar)

I call myself a Hardcore (kattarr) Mumbaiite!

My brood comprises of :
a) A Travelling Husband
b) A 14 yr old Son
c) A 12 yr old Daughter...

Q. I absolutely love your sari style. How would you describe it?

Ans. My Saree Style varies from Boho to Elegant Ethnic to Experimental!
I can wear a Cotton to the most Flamboyant South Indian Wedding/ A Boho Ensemble to a Casual Chai Meet or An Elegant Ethnic to An Exhibit..

Q. I’ve noticed that you wear some fun blouses. Do you have tips for sari aficionados about how to come up with unusual combinations while using what they already have in their wardrobe?

Ans. Yes, you did notice that I have 'Fun' with the blouses and the Intention is exactly that- To Have Fun' with various Styles and Combinations!

Q. What’s an interesting way to accessorize without collecting a huge amount of jewellery?

Ans. The following pics can explain better on how to accessorize without huge amount of jewellery and to come up with a New look with sarees that already exist!

One Saree and different looks!

Experimental whether in a saree or a half saree around the Lankan Coast!

Accessories in the form of large Jhumkas are just enough!

South Cottons that I sometimes sneak into a wedding space too again with chunky or out of the box necklaces!

What I consider Effortlessly Elegant sometimes with a bold neckpiece or just bold large earrings!

Sometimes Quirky in a Formal Space stands Out!

When there was no matching or the right blouse to go with the purple benarasi i dished out a west side Top that happened to be the same color( wearing matching for the first time).

And Finally different lengths of blouses can spruce up the most simple sarees and take it to a festive level!

Q. What’s your best tip for those who love the sari, but are hesitant about wearing it more often?

The best TIP is: To Be You and Be Confident in what you wear irrespective of Body Type/ Saree Cost/ presence or Absence of Accessories..... And to Just let Your Personality shine through!
Cos " Beauty Begins The Moment You Start Being Yourself"- CC

Note: Rta Kapur Chisti s workshop is a must and urges u to experiment if you think you know all about Sarees.

P.S. If you love your sari and would like to be featured here, drop us a line at or message us through our Facebook Page, and tell/show us how your sari style is quirky/crazy/interesting!

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  1. Lovely write up with equally lovely pictures. Sunanda, I always loved your style!


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