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The Brigade that Builds Brands: How Manasi's Pink Legal project is changing the way Indian women access their rights

Hello everyone! Today, I have Manasi Chaudhari, a spunky young legal eagle, helping bring change in this country, here at the "The Brigade that Builds Brands". She's got an empowering passion project to share with the world; but before we dive into her interview, I wanted to make a 'semi-announcement'.

For the past few years "The Brigade that Builds Brands" was an exclusive platform for military wife entrepreneurs. But now, we're welcoming All women entrepreneurs on this forum, especially those working towards bringing a change. Women who juggle a change-making social biz with their day job, moms who carve out a work-from-home micro biz while caring for their babies & toddlers, young ladies who're striving to create a home-based brand. Any gal, who strives to create a niche and a career for herself from Home, while juggling the many responsibilities of life and family, is welcome to share her journey and work with us here (however, I will retain the discretion to decide on the stories to bring to fore on this blog).

Manasi Chaudhari
Manasi Chaudhari - CEO & Founder of Pink Legal

So, back to Manasi, a full-time lawyer with a passion project that's helping women identify and learn about their rights. In a culture, where many of us have been taught the 'virtue' of grinning and bearing it, of letting our communities push us to the brink, of giving in and giving up, Manasi's is empowering women to stand up for themselves and take their rights seriously. Let's find out how Manasi is growing this change-making project while also juggling her full-time legal job.

 CB. Please tell us about yourself and your work.

MC: I am a lawyer who is passionate about gender equality and women’s rights.
I completed my law from Jindal Global Law School, Delhi and graduated with a medal as a topper of the batch. In 2018, I worked under Justice DY Chandrachud in the Supreme Court and assisted him on three landmark judgments in India- Section 377 (decriminalising homosexuality), permitting women’s entry into the Sabrimala temple, and decriminalising adultery. 

I have founded Pink Legal- which is India’s first ever platform dedicated exclusively to women’s rights and women’s laws, with the aim that every woman in India should know her legal rights.

CB. What is your routine like as a self-employed professional?

MC: I am partly self-employed. I currently have a full-time job as a legal consultant for a real estate company in Hyderabad. I work on my passion project, Pink Legal, outside office hours, and on weekends, as and when I can make time for it. 

Therefore, my typical routine would be- workout in the morning, attend Pink Legal meetings before office, and then head to office. At night, I prefer to unwind and spend time with family.

CB. Why and how did you create a career around your passions/skills/cause?

MC: After graduation, I was into full-time litigation (court practice). Litigation is very time-consuming and leaves one no time and energy for anything else in life. I also didn’t find my passion in litigation because most of the cases we were working on were property disputes. 

I always wanted to do something for women empowerment. When I decided to create Pink Legal, I switched to a corporate job. My corporate job helps me bring in the money, while I utilise my spare time to follow my passion.

A tram meeting in progress at Pink Legal
Manasi with her team interns

CB. What have been the challenges and how do you overcome those?

MC: The challenges were mainly finding the time to work dedicatedly on Pink Legal. With the full-time corporate job, I often found it difficult to take out sufficient time. So I took on a team of legal interns who assisted me in doing the research for Pink Legal. Having someone to assist me eased my burden substantially.

CB. What tips would you have for women, who’d like to craft a micro business or a self-employed lifestyle around their skills/qualifications/passions?

MC: We are living in great times where everyone can use their unique skills and passions and create an enterprise around it. Therefore, my advice would be to go for it! Any new enterprise takes quite some time to make you money, so before you embark on this journey, also make sure you can financially sustain yourself.

As for the lifestyle, my tips would be: (a) stay self-motivated and (b) allot specific time for work so you don’t end up working round the clock!

CB. Where can our readers find out more about you and your work?

MC: Our website:

Thank you Manasi, for coming over to the blog for a tete-a-tete.

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  1. This sort of work is imperative to the progress of women. Kudos to you for doing this. Godspeed to Manasi and Chandana


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