Monday, June 29, 2020

5 Ways to Savour this Lockdown Summer - What’s your favourite way + My new book cover

Summer is not the easiest of seasons for me to bear. The days are thick with heat and humidity, as thick as molten cheese and  often it feels futile to move or cook or do all the things that bring me joy.

If I could have my way, I’d build a small castle in a turquoise pool and spend my days like a mermaid soaking in the cool water. But with the lockdown and Coronavirus whirling around the world, I (and all of you) have had to find smart ways to cool down, stay grateful and savour this scorching season. 

My ebook "Queen Of The At-Home Lifestyle" and watermelon
Cool Treats :)

With oodles of determination ;-), I’ve come up with simple and small ways to bring my mojo back. 

  1. Start the day with a small pinch of slow and a dollop of gratitude. I try to wake up early, when the sun is still saffron and languidly rolling up the sky, still an inch away from its fiery sunniness. After I get ready, I sit down on a fat cushion for a few minutes of meditation and gratitude prayer. I play some meditation music and use this time to centre myself and start the day with a positive intention.
  2. Load up some good books on my Kindle. Now that we’re corralled in a single room with the air conditioner and trees around cutting out the heat (where we live, the temperatures are touching 50 degrees Celsius!), I love having a stack of books on my Kindle. A simple comfort that I can fall back on (literally), when I want to catch my breath and sink into a story. (I’ve been indulging in tonnes of wholesome Amish fiction by Amy Clipston and Tricia Goyer.)
  3. Create art with my son. As the summer started notching up its heat factor, we decided that sticking to the same old’ homeschooling routine was going to be tedious. So now we begin with a small bang - an art project to kindle joy and add colour to the otherwise fiery yellow day. (If you’d like to know more about these projects, do stay tuned for our arty homeschooling posts soon).
  4. Tuck into some non-fiction and enjoy a cool snack (juicy watermelon and mangoes, or a scoop of ice cream - your choice). I’ve been learning about topics that interest me through non-fiction books. Currently, I’m focused on knowing more about creating a successful self-publishing career as an indie author, and have been crunching up books that help me learn a thing or two about that.
  5. Planning and writing my own books. This April, I took part in my first Nanowrimo writing challenge and finished my second non-fiction Kindle book “Queen Of The At-Home Lifestyle: A gal’s guide to working-from-home, homemaking and homeschooling”. I’m about to launch this little baby into the world next week, and then want to dive into another writing challenge by Nanowrimo this July. I’ve found this time in seclusion to be great for simmering book ideas! 
What’s your favourite way to spend your time this summer? 

And hey, here's my gorgeous new book cover designed by @smokeybanditphotography (on Instagram). Isn't it pretty? :)

My new book cover

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