Thursday, March 13, 2014

Baby N is 8-months-old today!

Baby N sits on another milestone today. As the clock strikes 10.50 am, my little son becomes a person with eight months of life behind him. A small boy with an emerging personality of his own. With opinions that are voiced through shouts and gurgles; with preferences (he loves music and books and flavorful food); with a personality totally his own (vocal, moody, naughty, curious, charming). This baby, who’d emerged as a chocolaty little thing, chubby and indignant and all of 3.4 kilos just eight months ago, is turning into Mr. Person. And this is the part that I’m enjoying so much.

I love the way a unique personality peeps out from the layers within a pupa-like baby. How a boy unfurls from the bud of a baby. When a definite personality finally begins to emerge, like the golden sun on a rainy day, bit by bit, day by day. It’s fun to see what kind of boy Baby N is turning into.

Yes, it’s still a bucket load of hard work for me, and it will be so for a long long while. The challenges have already been upped as N monkey crawls and frog jumps his way around the bed, faster than an Army commando. And I hear you say…wait till he toddles around and turns your house upside down. Yeah, I know, more running around. But even though it will be a bunch of hard work ahead, it’s a pinata full of amazement to see your kid interact and react, to really get to know him for who he is, to settle down into the family-of-three rhythm. To finally start getting a hang of motherhood.

Happy 8th month, N! 

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  1. Happy 8th month to our little Laddu, our little Krishan-Kanhaiya :)


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