Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Picture Postcards: Moments of Joy (#childhood memories, #children's illustration and Pearl)

Fireflies and shiny-red candy, rainy days and paper boats, unbridled joy and soft handmade dresses... Childhood memories are made of so many happy pieces. Small things and big moments. Brightness and light. Sunshine and clown-faced clouds. Green cheese moon and kites that kiss the sky. Bicycle rides and summer holidays.

Picture Postcard 1: Pearl is filled with joy as fireflies burst out into the summer sky, glowing gently as the evening turns violet. Clusters of fireflies, each in its own halo of green-gold light, filling the world around with magic.

Picture Postcard 2: A sky heavy with rain-bearing clouds and a day the color of stone-washed denim - the perfect day to enjoy a sweet treat. Shiny-red lollipops like a clown's nose!

Join the discussion: What are your favorite childhood memories made of?

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