Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Work from Home

Something’s brewing on my laptop. It’s simmering right now with ideas and design, thoughts and blog posts. Like a pot of soup that you tuck into on a winter evening, this ‘dish’ just needs a bit more flavor and the finishing touches before I wheel it out of the ‘kitchen’ and present it to you. You can then dig into it, one bite at a time. This ‘dish’ is a resource center, a website and blog, a go-to-guide for women who want to start working-from-home. A beginner’s guide to creating a work-at-home life, especially in the boondocks or for that matter, anywhere around the world or country. 

I’ll be writing and sharing everything I know about working-from-home from places that aren’t even on the map. Places where power cuts and internet cuts and snakes in your living room are routine. I’ve learnt what there is to know about being your own boss the hard way, by spending hours and months and years working at home-based jobs as well as crafting work-from-home businesses and freelance solutions. So hey, if you want to work from home or have started working from home, but need some help, hop on. Or rather, stay tuned because I will be back with the new work-at-home website soon.

art by chandana banerjee


  1. Eagerly waiting for this.Very eagerly!

  2. Pallavi...a handful of days and then the blog will be up and running :-). Thank you for your interest.

  3. Hey Chandana...all of us can actually form a group and start something on our 'all of us', I mean writers! :) Let me know what you think! and since you too love good books...why not, get to know like-minded people and have a reading and writing blog running side-by-side. Just a suggestion! :)

  4. Vyoma...great suggestion!. I've been thinking of starting a group on FB for Mama bears + Lady bears (;-)) who love to live well, read, write, create, nourish themselves.


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