Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fill your Life with Color!

I sometimes wonder what our lives would be like without color. How would we experience joy in a black and white world? What would our paintings look like? What would our clothes, flowers, fabric, furnishings be like without pops of color? What would the day be like, all soaked in shades of grey?

As a person, who lives, breathes and revels in color, I cannot imagine my life without the richness of hues. And even though I often think in black-and-white, I live every moment swathed and surrounded by bursts of colors. From my wardrobe to my footwear, my soft furnishings to jewelry, my crockery to paintings, everything is saturated in jewel tones and rich tints. Sunshine yellow, tangy orange, ruby red, new leaf green, turquoise blue, hot pink….colors are the soul and the core of my life.

So as you wake up to a brand new week and a fresh Monday, may you fill your day with color. Whether you choose to play with fistfuls of colored powder, or infuse your home/wardrobe/desk/sketch book with hues, I hope you'll enjoy celebrating the joy that colors bring to our life.

Have fun this Holi-day and fill your life with COLOR!

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